Yedaş SAP Unbunding Project Success Story


Turkey Electricity Authority (TEK) has become Turkey Electricity Production and Transmission Company (TEAS) and Turkey Electricity Distribution Company (TEDAŞ) as two separate government entities in 1994.

TEDAŞ is also included Government Privatization Program Scope, in this context re-determined, Turkey distribution zones divided into 21 distribution regions in 2004.

Calik Yedas was established December 2010 in Samsun, and worked in region of Samsun, Çorum, Ordu, Amasya and Sinop with 1.8 million energy subscribers, provides up to 34.5 kV electricity distribution services fulfil the quality and uninterrupted offer obligations.

Based on Energy Market Regulatory Authority decision at 02.26.2013, separation of the distribution and retail activities has to be implemented, with the way the retail and distribution services division, "Yesilirmak Electricity Retail Sales Co., Ltd." (YEPAŞ), the distribution activities of the "Yesilirmak Electricity Distribution Company" (Yedas) as it continues.

Project Scope

YEDAS have begun to use SAP ERP Utilities (IS-U), SAP CRM and SAP BW systems as of June 2013, June 2015 SAP BW system also move to SAP HANA platform. The 2013 law required distribution (YEDAS) and retail (YEPAS) are divided into two companies, the same SAP system until 2016 and continued to work independently on the two companies.

With the "SAP Unbounding Project" these two companies separate their all hardware, software and network completely into their new locations. In this project PBS A.S. worked as a solution partner with Turkey SAP, primarily objectives are; establishment of new SAP configurations in their new locations with conjugate of the existing SAP systems, maintain system stabilities for existing and new systems din course of this projects, support SAP project consultants for any types of SAP Basis administration activities/issues.

Project Scope SAP Products

  • SAP ERP IS-Utilities
  • SAP PI / PO
  • SAP BW
  • SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood
  • SAP Solution Manager

Processes and responsibilities

Here below are the solutions delivered by PBS A.S. in scope of "SAP Unbounding Project";

  • SAP upgrade activities for existing SAP ERP IS-Utilities and SAP CRM systems
    Both SAP ERP IS-U and SAP CRM system upgrade completed successfully than both become compatible to use SAP SLO tools for Unbounding
  • Preparation of target landscape
    Target landscape hardware preparation, determination of installation sequence and additional tool and software installations
  • Hardware planning of target landscape
    Determination of target landscape hardware requirements and continuous monitoring during the project
  • Source and target system network preparation and mapping of network requirements
    Using different test results required necessary bandwidth calculated, also network mapping for target environment as established
  • Target System installations
    For SAP ERP IS-Utilities one master system established using source system definitions. On top of this master system additional add-on installation also completed. For SAP CRM systems, it has been decided to use source CRM systems and use system copies to establish new ones. SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood, SAP PI/PO systems and SAP solution manager Installations and configurations also handled properly.
    For Target SAP BW systems only integration and landscape optimization handled by PBS.
  • System landscape optimization during Data transfer period
    Fast data transfer is the key for SAP SLO unbounding project. All SAP systems and database parameter optimizations are handled by PBS
  • During and after project support
    One other key point is to establish proper change control system during and after project
  • System landscape optimization after project
    New target systems also start using new different business functions with this project. Special focus on project test phases, we can able to identify necessary additional focus areas properly and all the learning also get into consideration when putting new target systems SAP landscape parameters including database ones. This work is also providing proper working enormity and prevent any future problematic conditions
  • User and security management
    Based on this project both source and target systems required security and user adjustments. PBS can properly identify old system adjustment and also new landscape differences and requirements clearly, especially new settings and roles properly monitored during the tests, any identified issues are also reflected to end user roles.
  • System monitoring and alert setup
    Like most of the SAP customer it is critical to have stable and uninterrupted SAP landscape. PBS is also put necessary focus for identification of new landscape requirements and help to set new monitoring standards for stabilization. PBS is also providing system monitoring activities for 7/24 coverage successfully.


This is the first SAP unbounding project in Turkey and delivered with SAP Turkey and PBS A.S together successfully at September 2016. As PBS we were already working many years with YEDAS in SAP support areas, we are very proud to be part of this project as well as continue to support YADES in their newly established landscape.