With Amere Oakman....
Amere Oakman

1. Could you provide brief information about your company and your position?

Itelligence is one of the biggest business partners in the ecosystem of SAP which is the leader software in business applications. We build approaches that are complementary solutions to SAP as an experienced, reliable, customer oriented and transparent business partner. We increase the competitive power of the enterprises by putting the developing technology into their service and we ensure them to reach their sustainable development goals and digital transition.

Itelligence has been operating in our country since the year 2000. We provide services with our 430 experts to more than 320 customers within the scope of SAP corporate software solutions and consultancy. I am working as a general manager who is responsible from support and project services.

2. How did you meet with PBS?

We had a chance to work together with PBS as solution partners in an SAP project in Unilever.

3. Could you tell us about that project that you worked with PBS?

We worked with PBS in more than one project. Majority of those projects that we succeed together were SAP GRC and SAP BASIS solutions.

4. Could you evaluate the quality of the services provided by PBS in projects that you worked with?

PBS is one of the leading firm that has active experience in SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) solutions and applications. The firm has proven its success in the ecosystem throughout the years especially with their works in BASIS, management of the systems that have wide range architecture like SAP and execution of infrastructure and application parts in accurate interactive ways.

5. Would you consider working with PBS again in future projects or in terms of regular SAP support services?

Yes, i believe the works that we succeed together will be reference for the upcoming future projects.

6. PBS gives great importance working regularly with companies especially in which they did projects. As a firm, do you have any expectations from PBS in their development and variance works? (Education, technological development and regular interviews about changes, project potentials and changes in support)

PBS has moved a long way successfully without changing its route until today. I reckon that by developing their BASIS experience in the scope of Advanced Management Services, they will be fulfilling many more and larger groups of customers' demand.

7. What separates PBS from Others?

PBS manages the systems successfully that are extensive architectures like SAP. They approach the problems with high attention by covering their responsibilities above the expectations.

8. What are the 3 words that describe PBS?

Reliability, experience and business oriented working principles.

9. Could you share with us an unforgettable memory that you had in the projects working with PBS?

While i was working as a project manager, working together with PBS had always come with great ease. I always worked confidently accomplishing successful results without having doubts or concerns about the progress of the project.

10. What is the greatest value added by PBS to your firm?

The most important value added by PBS is their experienced senior consultants. Team organisations and operations are managed professionally and in respect to experience. Selected consultants have the qualifications that meet the large firms' needs.