With Esra Saruhan ....
Esra Saruhan

1. Can you inform us about your company and your position?

I have been working at Unilever for 26 years. I have been in many different positions. Initially I started in IT department then I worked for Commercial Department later. I came back to IT department with a big project. SAP project initially covered small region then in time it grows and cover 3 continents with multiple countries. Now I am working as support manager of same project with areas to support of SAP basis, SAP security ABAP and global initiatives.

2. How did you meet PBS?

I met PBS in 2003. Actually i have known the partners of PBS separately for many years. They were working for different companies in the SAP Application Basis and SAP Security areas. Then they founded PBS. At the time we first met

3. Can you tell us about a project you carried out with PBS Information Technologies and Information Services?

We have completed a lot of project with PBS in many different areas. Initially we worked on SAP implementation, and after project completion we also worked on support in many different areas. As summary not only project but also support areas we have achieved a lot in time.

4. Can you rate the quality of the services you got from PBS, while carrying out a project with them?

I can say that the quality of their services are always high. And I am telling this because: Firstly, the areas which PBS offer, are not the areas that you can find so many expertise at in SAP community. You can find many expertise in many areas in other SAP consulting companies. But they are not as proficient as PBS. Both partners and their employees have used and proven this expertise for us many different times. This was the most important topic for us. And the loyalty they had for the work they deliver impressed us very much. They adopt the situation as if their own. Actually it is not even adopting themselves as they are the owner of the project. Every job they do, they do it is as if their own. This is very important. This makes us trust them more and more. This trust increase loyalty for both sides. Trust and loyalty are mutual things. All aside, even in the worst conditions we find ourselves at, we somehow have fun. Because eventually we are working with the people we love and trust.

5. Do you plan on working with PBS on new projects and SAP Support in the future?

We are already working with them. This has been going on for a while and looks like it will go on for a long time. But either way, PBS is always the first choice when it comes to new projects and support.

6. PBS cares about working regularly with the companies that they made a project with. As a company; do you have any expectations about PBS's upcoming changes and improvements? (education, technologic improvement and regular meetings about changes, potential project and support changes)

Actually I can make some suggestions to PBS: They are trying to grow the company culture they developed, to all their employees. They definitely continue doing that. They have to educate all new employees with that same culture they developed. This will be a very positive step for them. In addition; it will be beneficial for them to institutionalize and to be active in more areas SAP consultancy. They have been working/supporting with big companies like Unilever. They should increase the number of these companies and maybe start working abroad. These will benefit them both financially and morally.

7. Which quality of PBS separates them from others?

As i said before; they work in a lesser known territory or lesser preferred areas of SAP. Application Basis is the area which require a big experience. You cannot find many experts in other consulting companies like PBS. As general conception small companies who implement SAP, threat SAP Security small support work. But actually this is a territory so important that the companies like Unilever even build separate departments to control whole aspect of security. You can find big expertise of SAP security in PBS's work portfolio. For me most important and differentiation point is expertise I believe this is the thing that differs them from other consulting companies. Second of all: they integrate themselves to the company they work for as an indispensable part while maintaining professionalism. We have never seen them as employees of another company, they didn't let us feel that way. Because they are always supporting us like no other so that they act proactively. This is really important too.

8. What are the 3 words that come to mind when you think about PBS?

Expertise, loyalty and trust.

9. Can you tell us about an unforgettable experience you had with PBS?

We have lots of memories with them. Initially PBS is only supporting to Asia-Africa Region. But as a department, my department, we also provide support to Europe and America regions. As an example, we had one big problem in the Europe Region, it was really serious one which needed a solution ASAP. As a company we tried to use all of our Application Basis support teams globally to try and solve this problem. But PBS was first one to take action even they acted as they have been supporting problematic Region for years. They took part in the discussions and transferred their expertise to other support teams. At the end their knowledge become a big part of the solution.

10. What is the most valuable quality PBS added to your company?

PBS provides help on both in project execution and support areas in many different areas of SAP. The most important part is the sustainability. And their best quality is: they are very flexible in building the mechanisms that prevent the problems before they even happen. They actually prevent them before they appear. This proactive approach provides better system stability and sustainability.