With Iraz Öksüz ....
Iraz Öksüz

1. Can you inform us about your company and your position?

I work as Application Support Manager at Unilever. My responsibilities are; authorization, security and compliance. As company we are working with 3 different vendors; Accenture PBS and Opti Matrix. These companies are located at America, Philippines, India and Turkey. We only work PBS from Turkey. I have been working with Unilever total 8 years, 6 years as consultant and last 2 as employee. i have been working closely with PBS since i have become a permanent staff.

2. How did you meet PBS?

When I started working for Unilever; PBS was not established yet but we were working with partners for same project. In years after sometime PBS was established I worked with them more closely because of my responsibility

3. Can you tell us about a project you carried out with PBS Information Technologies and Information Services?

When I think back now, we did complete a lot of successful project. But one project that we made last year got big attention. We made global level IT security Template Project. Project started here in Turkey for local requirements only but in time extended all other global regions. Key point of projects is; whole design handled in here, we worked with experienced consultant from PBS and cooperation from all other teams globally was the big achievements for Unilever. These initial template project is extended in time with new comer SAP landscape projects. This project also become Unilever standard and help us to save a lot of money. Like initial project imitative and execution, PBS consultants will still be part of this project growth for Unilever in near future.

4. Can you rate the quality of the services you got from PBS, while carrying out a project with them?

When you work with 3 different vendors it is easier to answer this question. In general, we work with PBS as a business partner rather than a vendor. They always provide good solutions any type of problems, I can say in general all the improvements come from PBS. That's why when we have a new project demand; I get one of PBS senior consultants and also get SAP application consultant who will handle SAP changes of that project together. When we get 2 of these groups working together, project always produce great results. In other words, having global template and managing from Turkey is a great advantage. Our consultant friends from PBS can always provide solution for all project requirements, and these solutions will also cover easy supportability and sustainability for SAP systems in no time. When all these come together project delivery timelines become less that means big cost saving for company.

5. Do you plan on working with PBS on new projects and support topics in future?

We are planning to work more with PBS on future like today on both project and support areas. Time to time I am comparing PBS with other suppliers, others have very strict differences and rules around SAP project consultant and SAP support consultancy efforts. But in security our area, team work between project and support produce better results. That is the reason we are trying to establish PBS work model to other regions Europe and America and vendors. It's very important that one location is lead and others follow the same.

6. PBS cares about working regularly with the companies that they made a project with. As a company; do you have any expectations about PBS's upcoming changes and improvements? (education, technologic improvement and regular meetings about changes, potential project and support changes)

We are already engaging on project security requirements with application teams. The new project, like SAP Fiori, even though initial implementation might be in different region like Europe; we also get involved because of company global security initiatives. For some new products we may also require some training, as a Unilever rule when you need trainings for project 3rd parties and employees got together and threated as same. Project has to produce handover training to support b before go-lives. How to use Fiori, the base of the system etc. PBS is also improving their consultant profiles and provide more internal and external training to support its consultants in another word they continue improving themselves internally.

7. Which quality of PBS separates them from others?

We work with PBS as business partners not as a customer or vendor. That is a nicest thing that SAP customer want.

8. What are the 3 words that come to mind when you think about PBS?

Flexibility, dedication and high level expertise on security area.

9. Can you tell us about an unforgettable experience you had with PBS?

We made the project here but when they completed the project in Europe; they wanted to cut a cake in the meeting room including the executives. We joined them via conference call but it malfunctioned so we had to skype them. We tried see each other through a little screen. We worked together before but this was the first time we saw each other's faces in a small tiny screen on Skype.

10. What is the most valuable quality PBS added to your company?

Their collaboration in every area they have worked in Unilever is a big value.