With Murat Günal....
Murat Günal

1. Could you provide brief information about your company and your position?

I am the coordinator of Information Systems and Technologies in Yeşilırmak Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.

2. How did you meet with PBS?

I met PBS through Çalık Holding for which PBS was providing services and the firm was satisfied with the level of services provided.

3. Could you tell us about that project that you worked with PBS?

We have accomplished two major projects with PBS until now. The first project was a long-termed one which consisted of transitioning from an old ERP software to SAP by covering reconfiguration of all the existing processes. Project took almost two years and along this period PBS provided all kinds of technical support and SAP services without delay and with full commitment.

The second project was also an SAP project similar to the previous one. In this project, 2 firms which were using the same SAP system, split into two separate independent viable units by applying carve-out transformation solution.

PBS played an important role in this project by fulfilling all the needs in 24/7 monitoring, SAP PI/PO, SAP Solution Manager and SAP BASIS. PBS put their best effort into the project to deliver on time without any delays.

4. Could you evaluate the quality of the services provided by PBS in projects that you worked with?

The services provided and the ones still being provided by PBS have always been satisfying and on high level without any decrease. Firm especially works with members who have sense of belonging which ensures the services provided to customers delivered on time.

5. Would you consider working with PBS again in future projects or in terms of regular SAP support services?

Definitely yes.

6. PBS gives great importance working regularly with companies especially in which they did projects. As a firm, do you have any expectations from PBS in their development and variance works? (Education, technological development and regular interviews about changes, project potentials and changes in support)

Our expectation from the firm is to establish MSC (Mission Critical Centre) similar to SAP's, further to that provide exclusive and privileged service in Alert/Monitoring centres like some security firms provide. (You may ignore this comment if you are already providing this service).

7. What separates PBS from Others?

  • a) Consultants of the firm have a sense of belonging.
  • b) Consultants of the firm are committed to their works and highly respectful.
  • c) Having extensive experience
  • d) Providing convenience to customers in all kinds of communications, approval processes, decision makings and way of workings.
  • e) Putting all their efforts in maintaining the plans and meeting the deadlines.

8. What are the 3 words that describe PBS?

Reliability, experience and dedication.

9. Could you share with us an unforgettable memory that you had in the projects working with PBS?

During our last project (Operational Unbundling) that we succeed together with PBS, we had to stay up and work until late hours for many nights, the points that we can't miss are their commitments as we indicated previously, we couldn't forget the commitments of the consultants.

10. What is the greatest value added by PBS to your firm?

PBS has helped us to have a constantly developing vision in terms of maintaining the system performance how and according to which enhancements.