With Murat Kıncak ....
Murat Kıncak

1. Can you inform us about your company and your position?

I work as the Director of U2K2 Landscape/Platform. U2K2 is the Unilever's SAP system that serves Asia, Africa, Australia, Russia and Turkey. We-as a team- work for this system to serve the users securely and properly and to implement needed changes and projects.

2. How did you meet PBS?

PBS Employees decided to found a company, while working here, within our team. Some of them were freelancer and some of them were working for other IT companies. They came together and found PBS. We knew PBS employees before they built PBS.

3. Can you tell us about a project you carried out with PBS Information Technologies and Information Services?

We work with PBS on couple of different points. One of them-the one I am in charge of-is the mission of information security and the technical architecture of the system. Other than that; different basis activities we call application basis, such as SAP's support and transport management parts. PBS team is responsible for carrying out and monitoring all of them, 24x7.

4. Can you rate the quality of the services you got from PBS, while carrying out a project with them?

We work really well with PBS. They have proficiency in the needed and relevant subjects. They are very responsible individuals. They do not hesitate to go the extra mile. When there is a problem, they search for it and try and solve it tirelessly and dedicated. They help us solve the problem quickly so that we can get back to normal in no time.

5. Do you plan on working with PBS on new projects and SAP Support in the future?

We are already working with them and we are pleased with the work that they do. As far as i can say; we will continue working with them.

6. PBS cares about working regularly with the companies that they made a project with. As a company; do you have any expectations about PBS's upcoming changes and improvements? (education, technologic improvement and regular meetings about changes, potential project and support changes)

Actually i am not in such expectation, because we have different approach to things. We have 5-6 partner firms that we try and research, upgrade our systems and solve problems together. But if we come to the subject: What can PBS do for us? Keeping up with the technological advances, trying them for themselves and presenting us with the systems that are suitable for us.

7. Which quality of PBS separates them from others?

We work so much together that we haven't tried to work with any other firm. They are a team that was built in our ranks. They are not like a firm working separate from us. They are working as if they are working for Unilever directly as if this is their very own task, i can say that much. I think this is one of their many positive traits.

8. What are the 3 words that come to mind when you think about PBS?

Internalizing the job, responsibility, going the extra mile.

9. Can you tell us about an unforgettable experience you had with PBS?

While we were implementing our ECC EHP & SP upgrade project this year; we were bumped into a serious problem. The upgrade steps that we have already simulated countless times were going slower than we expected. This left us with the possibility of not being able to complete the upgrade in the given down time. PBS Consultants used their creativity to find us an alternative method to complete the upgrade on time.

10. What is the most valuable quality PBS added to your company?

The most valuable quality PBS added to us: Application basis. We are very much relaxed on that subject. We are managing a system that is being used by 17-18 thousand people. When you look it at as a basis system-you can think of it as an engine room- it is very important that it is being managed properly. Because even the smallest mistake can lead to 18 thousand people not being able to work and leading to much worse consequences for Unilever. PBS's greatest contribution is: management of all basis level activities of SAP and preventing unnecessary downtimes. They have been managing all of these activates perfectly for years.