With Şebnem Gürler ....
Şebnem Gürler

1. Can you inform us about your company and your position?

I work for Unilever. This is my 20th year. I worked in many different positions in the IT department: Both global and regional. At this moment I am the IT Director in charge of 8 countries-including Turkey-.

2. How did you meet PBS?

I contracted them when we were implementing regional SAP Projects for SAP basis, administration and authorization subjects. I was the first manager they worked with and i am very glad about it.

3. Can you tell us about a project you carried out with PBS Information Technologies and Information Services?

We worked on many different projects. The first one was an SAP Project that included many countries. This was a technically, geographically and culturally very challenging; innovative project that was hard to handle. PBS has been a good companion during project implementation. They were with us all along the way. Then they also start support same landscape after the project completion. Actually it is better to call it a programme containing different projects.

4. Can you rate the quality of the services you got from PBS, while carrying out a project with them?

PBS is an indispensable work partner for us. I can say this is a partnership; rather than a supplier-client relationship. We worked together day and night and overcome all the difficulties together. Unilever and PBS has become an inseparable team. I describe PBS as a perfect company in their approach to solve the problems and commitment to self-improvement technologically.

5. Do you plan on working with PBS on new projects and SAP Support in the future?

We are working with PBS; because Unilever is company that implement new and challenging projects continuously. This is how IT works. We are always in constant new adventures. PBS is already providing support services to our region and Unilever global systems. We are still working with PBS and we will continue working with them future.

6. PBS cares about working regularly with the companies that they made a project with. As a company; do you have any expectations about PBS's upcoming changes and improvements? (education, technologic improvement and regular meetings about changes, potential project and support changes)

PBS is already working very closely with Unilever. We have a great dialogue. It is a friendship that extends outside the business. We are really close with the PBS employees in that manner. Last couple of years they focused more on education and improvements of their employees. In the long run; I suggest them to focus and invest more in people and training them properly. It will be also good to focus on promotion of their company, being more recognized by SAP area and getting involved more in different challenging projects will help them evolve very quickly.

7. Which quality of PBS separates them from others?

When I think of PBS "trust" comes to mind. This is very important. I trust them till the end. I am sure that they are always capable of doing more. There are no limits for them. I think this is the main point that separates PBS from the others. Eventually every company in this field are working hard, generating solutions. But dedication, going to the end, approaching every project as if their own; this PBS's best quality.

8. What are the 3 words that come to mind when you think about PBS?

Dedication, trust and working tirelessly.

9. Can you tell us about an unforgettable experience you had with PBS?

I have lots of memories with them. But we had some situations that we spent hours on end in front of the computer: Talking, evaluating alternatives while sitting next to each other; without tension but helping each other. As i said it is no longer a supplier-customer relationship. There is no IT at that moment: There are people who got together to solve a problem. It is that kind of a combination. I am reminded of those nights that we have worked together. Sometimes each of us at our respective homes but communicating online.

10. What is the most valuable quality PBS added to your company?

The most valuable quality PBS added to our company is; the sustainability of our SAP systems. I can clearly tell you that: If it wasn't for PBS, we have to deal with more problems and would not be able to solve them. Any problems on SAP may create bigger issues like unavailability of SAP systems that means loss of revenue, performance alongside stress to team moral eventually the dignity of our company is at stake. There can be many problems. But thanks to PBS our systems are more sustainable and stable because of their fast problem solving skills. In other word if technical infrastructure does not provide proper backbone; systems will not t work properly. We have PBs to thank for this infrastructure.